Ryanair rapped over provocative ad

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Ryanair – the airline that everyone loves to hate – has been rapped by the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) over its latest newspaper campaign.

The ads – which have now been banned – featured a flight attendant in her lingerie and a headline: “Red hot fares & crew.”

The ASA deemed the ad to be unsuitable and likely to cause “widespread offence” and papers such as The Guardian who had run the ad, subsequently apologised blaming it on a “system breakdown.”

Ryanair has remained unrepentant about its controversial ad campaign – and for once, I find myself agreeing with Michael O’Leary. The ad can hardly be classed as supporting the feminist cause but the woman in the ads had consented to appear and was, presumably, being paid. Plus it doesn’t even close to the type of pictures that appear on page three on a daily basis.

The ASA says the campaign is sexist to women but in my mind, it is actually sexist to men. I asked my male colleagues whether they would book a flight with Ryanair because of a provocative advert featuring a hot flight attendant and the answer was always the same: no.

The latest Ryanair ad wasn’t one of my favorites by any means, but should it have banned? In doing so, all the ASA have done is generate yet more media inches for Michael O’Leary’s airline.

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