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competitors face all manner of trials!

Recently we have had “No Trousers on the Tube” Day which was held as part of the international “Global No Pants on the Subway Day.” Maybe you wouldn’t have gone to see that one but there are lots of “interesting events” that happen each year that will give a good day out.
Take the World Bog Snorkelling Championships for example, held each year in the small town of Llanwyrtd Wells. They always attract a field of the interestingly dressed and the wacky. August is the time to visit them. Or another “liquid” event would be the World Gravy Wrestling Championships held at the Rose N Bowl, Stacksteads near Rossendale in Lancashire on 27th August. These have to be more interesting and warmer than all those Boxing Day swims where some even break the ice to get into the water. And you could have endless conversations about what constitutes the right gravy consistency.
If you don’t fancy getting wet how about The Welsh Open StoneSkimming Championships in early June? Or The World Stinging Nettle Eating Competition held at The Bottle Inn in Marshwood in Dorset. Except that as the pub is closed due to falling trade you may have to try munching something else this year. In which case how about the World Pasty Championships taking place at the Eden Project in Cornwall on March 3rd? If you prefer not to eat but still want to play with your food, there is the ever-popular cheese rolling at Coopers Hill in Gloucestershire. Although cancelled for the last two years (health and safety) unofficial events have occurred so CD-Traveller assumes something similar will happen this year on June 4th. And a similar event takes place in Stilton in Cambridgeshire where, on the seventh of May, stilton cheeses are rolled along the road from one pub to another. If you ask me, both are a waste of good cheeses. I’d rather eat than hurl them.
Many competitions involve strength so an endurance race against a horse will require stamina as well. On the 9th June in Llanwyrtd Wells (what is the about this town and “wacky” and the inventive organisers, Green Events?) the Man (and women) Versus Horse Marathon takes place over a 22 mile mountainous course. If you’d prefer to race against humans try the the 5th Wife Carrying Race which takes place over a 250 metre course near Dorking in Surrey on March 18th. Or The World Coal Carrying Contest which, every Easter Monday, happens in the village of Gawthorpe near Wakefield. One of the newer events is the Swamp Soccer World Cup will which be held in Inverness, on the 23 and 24 of June. This is only the seventh year but already it attracts teams from Europe to Inverness for the weekend.
Something less strenuous? Try the World Toe Wrestling Championships at the Bentley Brook Inn near Ashbourne in Derbyshire on 25th August. Or combine energy and food and try the World Egg Throwing Championships at Swaton in Lincolnshire in June. There’s more to it than you might think. You can even use a trebuchet to hurl the egg or pelt a brave fellow who volunteers to be hit by eggs to raise money to keep the events going!
These are just a few we’ve found. Help us add to the list

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