Hyde Park can party in 2012

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Last week we learnt that Westminster council’s licensing committee was mulling over whether to rule against open-air concerts in Hyde Park.

Happily Westminster council has ruled that concerts and Olympic events can take place in Hyde Park in 2012. However the gigs must stay within approved noise levels and herein lies a new problem. If world class artists such as the Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, U2 et al are told to “tone it down”, will they still come?

We said it on Saturday and we’ll say it again: concerts aren’t supposed to be quiet. The well heeled local residents ruing the decibel level should have factored it in before moving to Mayfair. Plus Hyde Park arguably belongs to all Londoners – irrespective of their post code – not just the Park Lane posse.

But what do you think? Should open air concerts – whose profits help protect London’s wonderful Royal Parks – be allowed to continue or are parks for picnics, not pop stars?

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