Wicked Westminster needs to realise that silence is not always golden

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Colin Barrow – the much lampooned former leader of Westminster council – might have departed, but the Tory council still seems to be hell bent on causing controversy.

Following a barrage of public outrage, the council decided to drop its unpopular plans for off peak parking charges last month.

But now we learn that the council’s licensing committee is mulling over whether rule against open-air concerts in Hyde Park. If the council concludes – as a result of a relatively paltry 109 complaints – that the noise levels in Hyde Park are unacceptable, tens of thousands of fans will be forced to catch world class concerts from artists like U2, the Rolling Stones and Madonna in Milton Keynes.

Here at CD-Traveller towers we are crossing all our fingers and toes that the council comes to it senses. Concerts aren’t supposed to be quiet. The well heeled local residents ruing the decibel level should have factored it in before moving to Mayfair. Surely a little noise a dozen or so nights a year, is a small price to pay for the benefits of living slap bang in the centre of what is arguably the most exciting city on earth?

The open air concerts in the capital attract people from all over the world and what’s more, the profits help protect London’s wonderful Royal Parks. If the open air concerts were cut, the capital would lose a lot of its character. Its Westminster council we need to clamp down on, not the capital’s mega concerts.

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