Lightning and the redwood tree

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It, being half term – albeit a little earlier than usual – finding places to take children is taxing the parents of children as usual. February is fairly quiet in the garden but one garden is getting a lot of business at the moment. And kids are asking to be taken there.
Just over a fortnight ago during a freak storm, a bolt of lightning hit a 125 year-old giant redwood in Sheffield Park and Garden near Haywards Heath in East Sussex. At over eighty foot tall, the tree was the second tallest in the garden so when the lightning struck, the force caused the tree to shatter. The trunk is a stump, branches were sent flying some distance away and some shards are stuck in the ground like spears from some mediaeval battle.
But the National Trust – the custodians of the garden – have decided to keep most of the shattered pieces where they fell rather than clear them away so they can show visitors the power of a storm and what it can sometimes do. And that is what is attracting visitors. Since that day, numbers have gone up, not to see snowdrops or other spring flowers because they haven’t really decided when to come up this year but just to see the effect of what happened to this tree. And because it is half term, the National Trust has had a bonus because there are more visitors than usual.
This year the conversation isn’t about what is blooming or coming up early. It’s just about what has come down!

For more details about Sheffield Park, click here

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