Tube unions are holding us to ransom

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The transport unions are at it again.  It’s a new year, but the same story: despite being generously paid as it is, they want yet more money.

Tube staff have been offered a bonus of £500 – or an extra £20 per shift – to work during the Olympics but have rejected it as wholly inadequate.

Their rejection smacks not only of greed but of selfishness: if the Bob Crowe, the RMT union leader, and his cronies had accepted London Underground’s not unreasonable offer, it would still have cost fare and taxpayers in the region of £7 million.It is also unpatriotic in the extreme. The 2012 Olympic Games are our chance to showcase the city of London to the world and, to do that properly, we need a transport system that will run smoothly – not one that will be held to ransom by its mean spirited staff.

Tube unions: if you’re reading this, it’s time for a change of heart. If the Olympics are to be a success, not a shambles, then we all need to be prepared to make sacrifices.


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