California appeal

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California vies with Florida as the most important destination in the US for us to visit. Lately, California has been outdoing its bitter rival and one reason is because it has more to offer.
So much so that it brings in $104 billion to the economy. It has a marketing budget of $50 million all but $200,000 raised from private industry involved with tourism. That explains all those Betty White ending ads we’ve seen on TV last year and this January. California is now also the number one destination for American travellers as well. Travel and tourism support 7.5 million jobs and, as the state tourism leaders were wont to tell us, contributes $118 billion in taxes. Why you could nearly run a national health service on that!
And they are encouraging as many people as possible to travel there since as Greece, Egypt and a lot of other countries have found out (ours excepted) a boost in tourism brings immediate benefits in jobs and economic growth. Caroline Beteta who runs Visit California, emphasised this point strongly when she spoke at The LA Travel Show last weekend as did other speakers.
So why is California winning? In Anaheim, it has an entertainment attraction for adults and children at Disneyland, Universal and Busch. Just north it has Pasadena and Santa Barbara with their trendy cultures. In San Francisco, it has a unique city of hills, cultures and a stunning bay frontage. To the south in San Diego it has a world-equalling zoo whilst in the north it has ski slopes. Californian wine has stormed the world in the last thirty years and draws people inland away from the beach culture. It has a range of climates to satisfy everyone’s taste making it an all-year destination. It has Yosemite and other national parks, the tallest trees in the world and, in complete contrast, desert and Death Valley. It has the richest art museum in the world, – the Getty – one of the finest science museums (Californian Academy of Science) and astonishing architecture like the castle that William Randolph Hearst built and the Golden Gate Bridge.
How does one destination get to be so lucky?

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