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LA Metro Blue Line

When I first went to Los Angeles many years ago it was a city of the car. Highways seemed crammed with cars ravelling slowly because the one in front was blocking it. That’s changed.
There are now bus services, metro light train services, commuter trains and now, specially laid out cycle ways that the local transport authority has mapped for the visitor. From the airport to downtown, you need only pay $7 to get there. Getting around is just $1.50 per route which is cheaper now than New York or Chicago.
Sometime ago, it was recognised that something needed doing to relieve congestion. This hasn’t ended it but things have improved. One lady I chatted to had driven to the park and ride and then taken a red line train out to Hollywood to see the “stars.”
Most of the places that we might visit; Anaheim for Disneyland, Hollywood for the film industry and Long Beach for the Queen Mary are all accessible by public transport. And if you cycle but tire yourself, the buses have gadgets at the front to store a couple of bikes. Incidentally, such attachments are fairly common on buses in US cities. But walking is also easy. Allow a minute a block if you’re fairly fit so a twenty to thirty minute walk would get you to the centre.
Public transport also has the advantage of being able to use special road lines which are only available to them and car pool sharers. Coming in from the airport, we sped past vehicles queuing in the jams.
So if you’re off to see King Kong or Harry Potter at Universal Studios or Disneyand forget taxis and hirecars. Try public transport instead.

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