An airline scam

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Three times yesterday I was on the receiving end of a scam purporting to come from American Airlines. Over the week I have had six in all. It has nothing to do with American, of course, it is just a convenient name to use.
So you are aware I shall describe it. Without any logos, background pictures an e-mail arrives that is just black text on a white background. It suggests that it is confirming your flight and the price which is in US dollars not any other currency. Supposedly I was travelling to Denver, San Diego and Boston. All the destination that I’ve been sent have been American ones. The inclination is to open and reply saying this is nothing to do with me.
Your anti-virus programme will probably have removed the attachment before it delivers the e-mail but, in case, don’t open the e-mail just delete it. If you genuinly have book an American Airways flight, then their confirmation e-mail will have arrived in 24 hours. You can always open it in their official website provded you have kept a copy of the booking reference.
This isn’t a new scam; it circulated widely a couple of years ago. Maybe the scammers have decided it was time to give it another outing

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