The Olympic Games are not for babies

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It’s exactly six months until the London Olympics, but this landmark date seems to have been overlooked amidst all the fuss about new born babies needing a ticket to the Games.

The backlash from outraged Mums has been so great that the committee for the London Olympics has promised to review its plans to charge parents for an extra ticket if they want to bring their babes to Stratford this summer. “Of course we understand that some new mums may want to take their babies to events they have tickets to, and we will look at what we can do when the remaining tickets go on sale in April,” the committee has said in a statement.

It’s no doubt welcome news to Mums up and down the country but – at the risk of causing controversy – I’m praying that the committee stand their ground. I don’t think that the organisers are being ‘discriminatory’ (something that new and expectant mothers are accusing them of). Rather, I think that the organisers are exercising good, old fashioned common sense.

Who in their right mind would want to take a baby to the Games? Long security lines and crowded stadiums don’t exactly scream infant friendly. I don’t have children myself but speaking to friends and family members that do, I know that babies love two S’s – sleeping and screaming. But as for sport? To paraphrase Rhett Butler (Clark Gable) in Gone With The Wind quite “frankly my dear, [they] don’t give a damn.”

I’m sure that many mums are going to hate me for saying this but book a babysitter. Or stay at home but the bottom line is this: Stratford is no place for babies.

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