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Planning to hit the last of the sales? Here’s eight great tip to help you stay sane (and solvent) during the January sales

Hit the sack
Savvy sales shoppers hit the sack early the night before their proposed shopping spree, so as to have plenty of energy. After all: it’s not only your credit card that will be getting a work out pound the high street or the aisles and avenues of a shopping centre.

The early bird catches the worm
On the day of your big shop, aim to start early. This way you should, in theory, be able to beat the crowds and the queues – and score the hottest deals. Before you go though, remember to…

Breakfast like a king
Remember the saying “breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dine like a pauper”? Yes mum was right: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eating breakfast will set you up for a day of serious shopping – and stop you from splurging on exorbitantly priced cupcakes and coffee at Costa and co, as soon as you arrive.

Dress sensibly
When it comes to what to wear, take a practical approach. You might be shopping for a pair of four inch heels and a SATC inspired dress, but marathon shopping sprees call for sensible, comfortable attire. Think trainers and layers that can easily be removed when you want to try items on.

Leave the kids at home
It goes without saying that you love your kids but trust us when we say that shopping with crying ankle biters in tow, is a major no no. Buggies, prams and crowds of overzealous shoppers don’t go, so do yourself a favour and leave the little angels at home. But do…

Buddy up
When it comes to sales shopping, two are always much better than one so take a trusted friend or family member. He or she can stop you from impulse buying and look after your possessions while you grapple over a pair of shoes with a rival shopper. Above all, shopping with a friend is much more fun.

Take cash
Plastic is fantastic but only if you’ve got the money to spend. Before buying something, picture opening your credit card statements in February. Unless the purchase is really worth it, don’t get yourself into debt. By leaving your credit card at home and only taking cash, you can limit the need for damage control.

Choose etail over retail
Finally if you don’t cope well with crowds, then stay at home and indulge in a little online retail  therapy. You’ll save time, money and, most importantly, your sanity.
Happy shopping!

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