easyJet and credit card fees

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Just before Christmas we carried the news that the government was going to ban excessive charges used by companies when you used a credit card. We know Ryanair’s reaction. Now we have easyJet’s answer as well.
As we suggested at the time, booking fees might disappear. That’s what’s happening at easyJet. The booking fee is replaced by an administration fee of £9. This will be applied to every booking procedure so at least it isn’t a charge per passenger as some other airlines charge. On top of this, if you use a credit card instead of a debit card, you will have an extra fee to pay.
So instead of a fee that included processing charges as well as a credit card charge we know have an increased price for administration (compared to the old booking fee) and everyone pays. And on top of that there is a credit card fee which is the amount that is probably charged to easyJet by the credit card processors.
The charges came up on the second page once you had fed in the details of where you wanted to fly, when and how many of you. Is this transparent enough? The airline says it is providing “a simple, transparent and consistent booking process” in the light of concerns from consumer bodies and regulators and that notice of the £9 charge will be included in all advertisements.
It looks as though, if this one airline is anything to go by, credit card charges will become closer to what the airline is charged but other or increased charges are going to start appearing. It doesn’t please me one bit to say I told you so.

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