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Early last year, responsibility for consumer complaints passed from the old Air Passenger Users Council (AUC) to the CAA – Civil Aviation Authority. Last week they announced a more user-friendly website that gives the answers to most questions you should have when you fly including what to do if there is a problem.
They suggest that you check it before you book.
Basically there are six sections that lead from the home page plus a further one on the environment.. The first deals with the ATOL bonding scheme and takes you to the ATOL website where you can check whether a tour operator is bonded. The second takes you through the various things you should do before and after you’ve booked to make sure you have the right documentation, the necessary health information for the country concerned and what you can and cannot take with you on the plane. The third deals with what to expect at the airport
When you are on the flight the fourth deals with seating, safety and what happens if you have a disruptive passenger. Screaming at the passenger that he has reclined his seat too far is not one of the suggestions made! But if problems occur and can’t be resolved during the trip it suggests in the fifth section what you should do next. The sixth covers airline safety and what the requirements are
The website is to be found by clicking here or pasting into your browser.

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