Ryanair does it again

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Expect to pay more from next Tuesday when you book a Ryanair flight. There is a new levy/surcharge/fee to cover what it calls “the EU’s new eco-looney ETS tax.”
On each flight we will have to pay €0.25 to help contribute to their extra €15-20 million emssions tax that they expect to pay. What’s €0.25 in sterling? I can’t tell you because although I’ve just tried to book a flight for next week the levy hasn’t been applied. Maybe I’d better take some loose change in case we have to have a whip round at the airport! (it will probably be 25p so we’ll be stung for an additional 4-5p due to exchange rates!)
Ryanair protests as usual about the iniquity of the tax and how it operates the cleanest, greenest aircraft around.
That might be true but you might feel a little bit sorrier for them if they hadn’t erred on the side of caution and slugged the passenger so much. By the own figures they carried 76.4 million passengers last year. Yet to charge each one €0.25 means they are raising €19.1 million if they carry the same number of passengers this year. Or does it mean that they only plan on carrying 60 million passengers next year? (that amounts to the €15 million)
They carried an extra 5% more passengers in 2011 over 2010. Could it be they are planning for a 20% drop next year as people become even more disenchanted with them and their ways of screwing a bit more off us? No, that can’t be right. I’m sure that if they take too much off us to pay the tax they’ll refund the difference.
Up in the air, is it a bird ? Is it a Ryanair plane? Superman? No, it’s a flying pig.

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