Ryanair refuses to get rid of credit card charges

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Last week we told you how airlines et al had been ticked off for the silly surcharges that they imposed on people paying by credit card. Come the end of 2012, it will be illegal for companies to levy credit card charges. All airlines that is, except Ryanair.

Michael O’Leary’s low cost airline claims that says the £6 charge per passenger per one-way flight isn’t a payments surcharge. Rather, they say, it relates to costs associated with its booking system.

Ryanair’s reaction is typical of the airline. After all this is the airline that announced that it plans to increase its online baggage fees by 25 percent next summer, while removing a number of loos in each and every one of their aircrafts so as to make room for six extra seats.

For me, Ryanair’s defiance on the government’s move to ban surcharges is the final straw (we are not charged extra for using a credit card in a restaurant so why should we be charged more when paying for plane fares on our credit cards?) and I’m making it my New Year’s resolution not to fly with the cocky carrier again.

Michael O'Leary and Willie Walsh

Michael O'Leary and Willie Walsh

But what about you? Will you be boycotting the budget airline? Or, while prices remain wallet friendly, will you still be booking breaks with Ryanair?



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