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Spain; the winner in 2012?

Ever read any of those tips for “hot” holiday destinations for 2012? Do you follow them? Do you believe them?
I have been ploughing through some of the tips from some of the more well-known publications and companies and the thing that I find interesting is that they hardly agree with each other. You’d have thought with all the travelling they do; with all the news and gossip they hear and with all the industry trends they see that there would be unanimity on at least a few?
Well, it’s hard to find unless you look at National Geographic Traveller Magazine. And that’s only because the magazine has 71 different top ten lists. The laws of probability say that they have to match with some!
I’m left thinking that your or my knowledge is as good as or if not better than “most” of the holiday experts. But then think about it. They aren’t necessarily saying this will be the hit destinations, the most popular ones or the most visited. All some are saying is that these places are worth visiting. Which, when you think about it, would apply to nearly anywhere. Take Hull for example. I had never been there till this year. Friends who went to university there put me off the city and remarked on fish links. Well I went, I saw and came away impressed. There is a lot to do in Hull and it’s a great place to use as a base to explore Yorkshire.
The American magazine, Frommer, picked similar unlikely place in its list which was published months ago, – Kansas City. (talk about starting early!) It hasn’t led to an upsurge yet so what about some of the places they suggest? They suggested Lima in Peru for food and drink which was also a recommendation of National Geographic. It didn’t get a mention by Lonely Planet or ABTA, Four bgb or TUI in their forecasts.
ABTA suggested that well-known destinations would be likely to be the most popular so it chose France, Italy, Spain and the USA as likely to be popular this year. But aside for specific destinations, it thinks that specialist holidays like cruising or adventure holidays would be in greater demand. It thinks that more of us will use high street travel agencies than book online which was the case in 2011. And like some other forecasters it sees budget and luxury holidays will do well. Those in the middle will be squeezed as most of us tighten our belts.
TUI (owners of Thomson and First Choice) agree with ABTA in saying that tried and tested destinations in the Med will do well but they also think that Cape Verde, Jamaica, Mexico and Croatia will do well. Even Libya as they plan on looking for their cruise ships to dock there in 2012/13!
Four bgb, one of the very large specialist travel PR and marketing com companies, highlights value for money as one key feature of the way we look at holidays regardless of whether they are luxury, package, budget or build yourself holidays. Allied to that is a strong group of people who have a shopping list of places to go and things to experience so activity holidays should feature more amongst the wishes of holidaymakers. And they pointed out just how important we are to overseas destinations. After Germany, more money is spent on advertising and promotions to persuade us to holiday abroad than in any other country!
Last November, TripAdvisor, said that in 2012, a quarter of all Britons who holidayed would spend more on their holidays. Time and events can quickly change people’s views so that might have altered by now but they also forecast Greece, Portugal, Ireland and Spain.
So what will you do? Spend more or less? Go somewhere you know or opt for the new? Lounge around or be an active holidaymaker? In a few hours we will suggest places you might want to consider. And later this week, CD-Traveller will reveal the results of its survey amongst you, its readers.

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