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CD-Traveller came a long way in 2011. All due to you. If you don’t read what we write, it becomes just an ego trip (and that was suggested in the early days!) so it’s important to know what you want to read.
At the beginning of 2011, about half a million pages a month were being viewed by about 76,000 unique visitors. By the end of December we were averaging over 100,000 unique visits per month and just over two million pages were being viewed. In all over 20 million pages were viewed this year.
We listed over 3,500 events; nearly 500 different stories about destinations, news and introduced more images, so what’s next?
For 2012 we plan on delivering about 800 stories through the year and some 4,000 events. In January, a peak time to think about holidays, every day there will be a destination story. We also have two major new features.
France is, for many of us, our nearest neighbour. It’s easy to get to and day trips are common. So, each month, Frederic will give you a rundown on exhibitions and events happening the other side of the Channel.
Our events column has proved to be very popular. Incidentally, why do thousands of you want to read about the Poole Regatta or the Laughton Cuckoo Fair, long after they have happened? So we are going to have another events column; one which lists sporting events throughout the world. More later about this.
We are also going to be asking  what you recommend visitors see in your village, town or city so expect an e-mail from us about this, at some stage this year.

Jane will continue her Letter from London leading up to the Olympics and we’ll try and work with more destinations and consumer travel shows to obtain free tickets or discounts for you.

If you have any suggestions on subjects you’d like us to cover – like Jonathan who suggested we visit Swindon and Tim who suggested Bathgate, Merthyr Tydfil and Leigh – then do let us know. To Allan who suggested West London and Simon who suggested Amtrak was America’ biggest secret, we say: watch this space!
So that’s what we plan in 2012. Each Wednesday (or the occasional Thursday),CD-Traveller will wing its way into your in-box. But new stories go up every day so don’t forget to click on the website, each day. And CD-Traveller remains – and will continue to be – free to you all.
From all of us, a big thanks for your support in 2011. Have a great 2012.

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