The tube is for training?

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As anyone who has ever visited London knows, the perils of travelling by tube are only too familiar…. severe delays, the noisy neighbour who plays their iPod so loud that the whole carriage can hear it. Then there is the drunken reveller who positively oozes booze and the guy who chooses to eat his takeaway on the seat next to you.

In addition there is the press of passengers who cram into carriages meant for half the number at every single station.

However all this is nothing compared to a new danger I discovered last night: people doing exercise routines! This might sound implausible but at 10.30pm last night on the Hammersmith and City line it was true.

While yours truly was doing nothing more exerting that reading the ‘Guilty Pleasures’ pages of the Metro, a handful of fellow commuters were undertaking some strenuous activity – squatting and stretching (and in time with the movement of the train!), while using the hand bar above for support.

Inspired, I resolved to use the tube to stay trim over the holiday season before I foresaw one major problem: namely the sheer impossibility of physical movement on the tube for most of the working day….


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