Ryanair to raise its bag fees in 2012

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Passengers planning to fly with budget airline Ryanair in summer 2012 will need to travel light. Michael O’Leary’s no frills airline has revealed that it will be increasing its online baggage fees by 25 percent during the months of June, July, August and September (and again throughout the 2012 festive period).

And anyone checking in a bag at the airport in peak season, can expect to pay £100 – which represents an increase of £60 – for the privilege.

That’s not all. The airline is also increasing its fee for passengers who arrive at the airport without boarding passes. Right now each passenger has to pay £40 to get it printed. Fast forward to January 15 and this will increase to £60.

Ryanair claims the increases are a ploy to get us all to a) travel lighter and b) be more organised, but I’m not buying it. Lets call a spade a spade: it’s Michael O’Leary’s latest money making move.

I overlooked Ryanair’s cheeky introduction of its own prepaid card and ignored its decision to get rid of a number of loos in every aircraft, so as to make room for extra seats. However the bag fee rise is just ridiculous and coming as it does, just a week after the government announced that it would increase Air Passenger Duty in 2012 (regardless of the fact that we Brits already pay on average eight times more flight tax than other European countries) is quite frankly, an insult.

Ryanair seems to reckon we’ll all put up with a helluva lot in return for low prices but when you factor in ‘the extras’, Ryanair actually works out more expensive than its rivals and it’s safe to say I won’t be booking with them again.

But what about you? Do you think Ryanair has pushed its passengers too far? Or would you continue you to fly with the marmite airline? Share your thoughts by posting a comment below!

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