Let there be light?

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Deck the halls with boughs of holly, Fa la la la la, la la la la, Tis the season to be jolly, Fa la la la la, la la la la.

Clearly, so this well known Christmas song dictates, halls decorations are permitted at Christmas. You could also consider splurging on a tasteful wreath for the door or indulging in an ornately decorated tree. Yet nowhere does this song mention that it is acceptable to light the entire house or street for that matter.

Yet this is what happens – certainly in my corner of Britain anyway. For the Christmas enthusiasts where I live, Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without a whole host of animated figures such as Santa, his sleigh, his reindeers, his elves, Frosty the snowman and any other Tom, Dick or Harry adorned across the lawn, or strapped to the roof top.

You might well laugh, but it is actually a somewhat serious matter. For this outdoor decorating lark works like a drug: it is purely and simply downright addictive. I’ve seen the signs.Take the family down the road from me, for instance. Five years ago they attached a giant Santa to their roof over the festive period as a bit of fun. The following year they added a couple of characters – and so the pattern was set.

As Christmas after Christmas comes around, you can bet your bottom dollar that a couple more Christmas characters will make their debut. The whole thing is now totally and utterly out of control and ludicrously 0TT!

Another neighbour responded with what he sees as an initiative tribute to the spirit of Christmas and before you could say ho, ho, ho, our street had become awash with sparkling houses and friendly rivalry. Give it another few years and I reckon the lights in our street, could become something of a landmark.

Not everyone feels that the festive figurines are at the forefront of good taste. However if you, like me, find yourself living amidst Santa’s very own grotto at a certain time of year, then consider this. Would you rather live in a street of Scrooges? Exactly. At least these Noel enthusiasts have a sense of occasion and attempt to brighten your Christmas, as well as their own.

That said, perhaps it is a good thing that Christmas comes but once a year!

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