Signs in Venice

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Which way?

Readers will be aware of our thoughts on signage. Particulary confusing ones. So here is one from Venice which suggest you can go in opposite directions to get to the same place!

The new Doge, Mr Clooney?

The advertising hoarding around the Bridge of Sighs which was promoting Toyota in May (see CD-Traveller) has thankfully gone. Now the Bridge is clear again, unlike part of St Mark’s Square which has a hoarding with George Clooney promoting a watch. And the company will probably have every tourist in Venice looking at it for doesn’t just about everybody go to St Marks? Opposite the railway station is another hoarding in front of a church and this surely must be another one of the best locations in Venice for advertising.

More advertising

Restoration work is going on behind the hoardings. The Gritti Palace Hotel on the Grand Canal will be closed for some time yet it has no advertising to demean it. Nor do many others. When the casino was closed, they had a hoarding that was clever in being just an image of the building. Still in this age of austerity, the politicians of Venice seem to want every penny they can lay their hands on. Such as the bed tax introduced last August. Maybe Michael O’Leary is acting as a consultant to them!

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