Toll proposed for Great Ocean Road

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Schlepping to South Australia? If Corangamite Shire Mayor, Matt Makin, gets his way: you could soon be charged for the pleasure of travelling along the Great Ocean Road, a stunning route from Geelong to Portland  which takes in waterfalls, mountain ranges, beaches and rainforests.

The Mayor and his supports want to charge tourists up to $20 to travel the Great Ocean Road to help pay for road maintenance and amenities, but the government disagrees fearing the toll would deter tourists.

Not so says CD-Traveller. Having already forked out a small fortune to fly to the land of Oz, we reckon visitors will find an extra $20 in order to experience one of Australia’s best roads. But what do you think? Should there be a toll on the Great Ocean Road if it helps improve what is, without a doubt, one of the world’s greatest drives? Or should it remain free for all?

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