Pan Am glam

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So Pan Am – BBC 2’s new American airline drama that has been billed as ‘Mad Men with wings’ – is back on the box tonight.

Set in 1963, the series has been shot to pieces by the critics who complain about the ludicrous story-lines (Kate being recruited by the CIA in the pilot was admittedly a little far fetched). However the attention to detail – think music, cars and clothes – is second to none and certainly the series, starring Christina Ricci, brings the glitz of the jet age into the living rooms of those of us living in the Ryanair era.

What do you think? Did you watch the pilot episode last week, and wonder how Pan Am got airbourne? Or do you think that, while no Mad Men, this drama might still take flight?

Pan Am is screened on BBC2 at 9pm on Wednesdays

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