Airline food: love it or hate it?

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In-flight meals haven’t exactly enjoyed a wonderful reputation since they launched back in the 1930s. Think bland chicken sandwiches, tepid tea, plastic sporks (combination spoon and fork) and – if you’re lucky – a packet of pretzels.

However I have to say that the two meals I was served on a recent BA flight were, pardon the pun, first class. What’s more, BA’s in-flight food offerings should only soar thanks to Michelin starred chef Simon Hulstone.

Hulstone – head chef at the Elephant in Torquay – has been tasked with creating a special Olympic menu for beleaguered BA, which is scheduled to launch in March.

CD-Traveller wants to know: what do you think of airline food? Do you look forward to your inflight meals or are they just a way to pass the time spent in the sky? Let us know your pick for the best (and worst) mile high meals out there by posting a comment below.



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