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Edzná Pyramid

Next year sees the end of the 5,125 year old Mayan calendar in Mexico. Mayan legend says that when this happens, a new spiritual era will come.
Whether it comes or not one that Mexicans can be pretty sure of is that more British tourists will visit the country.
Because this favourite destination has always been popular and now with more flights than ever before and greater offerings by the tour operators it is hard to see why there will be no increase. Secondly, a new campaign is to be launched under the “Mexico Today” headline. You’ll see posters, black cabs emblazoned with it and it will appear on websites, magazines and newspapers. As it is British visitors make up the third largest group after the US and Canada and in 2010 nearly 300,000 of us went there. When figures for this year are finalised, this will be exceeded. It has risen by over 11% which, even given the times, would be a figure to shout about since there was such a high number of us going there to start with.
So what is there to see other than the traditional attraction of warmth, sun and sand in Cancun, the most popular destination for us? Obviously the Mayan civilisation and its heritage is popular in the Yucatan peninsular (where Cancun is) so many visitors take excursions to see the legacies of this wondrous civilisation. Bordering Yucatan in the Campeche area where there is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you can see the heart of what remains of the Mayans including, for divers, the chance to see the underwater ruins which date back to the 1630’s. Becan is hardly known by tourists yet here will find over twenty different ruins in this 60 acre site ranging from moats to fortifications, pyramids and deities. And puzzles. There are steps that lead nowhere (to confuse attackers?) and why is one pyramid round?
How about visiting Bonampak where you will find murals that show life as it was from human sacrifice to daily royal court life? All set in a jungle clearing near the Usumacinta river. Or Chacchoben, another rarely visited place where banyan trees partially obscure the temples? Or Yaxchilan where there are over a hundred sites you can visit.
In fact there are so many Mayan sites you’ll be hard pressed to choose. But next year could be the year to visit them as Mayan legend will lead to so many new tours. And key dates will be around the twentieth of the months of March, June, September and December. Will a new spiritual time come? Be there and see. If it doesn’t, you’ll still have seen many of the wonders of the Mayan world.
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