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Rio de Janeiro

Brazil is already gearing up to the two big events that it will hold over the next few years, the World Cup in 2014 and then the 2016 Olympic Games. During our Games next year, Brazil is going to be using Somerset House in London as a sort of exhibition centre to showcase “Casa do Brasil.” This will enable us to learn more about the country from Brazilian art and Rio de Janeiro itself to their sporting past and preparations for the world cup and, ultimately, their Olympics in Rio.
As well as this we will see lots of publicity promoting tourism to the country. Some of that has already started with the release of the results of a survey that shows, amongst other things, that of those who have already been there, an astonishingly high 96% said that they would revisit the country at some stage in the future. This isn’t just the result of some small survey; the tourism ministry asked 39,000 international visitors to Brazil. Amongst the other results are very high 90+ satisfaction ratings for hospitality, restaurants and the hotels.
When asked why thye visit Brazil, the main reason was for leisure and it was the lure of the beaches and the sunshine that worked. This traditional reason for visiting the country is being challenged more and more by Brazil’s other major tourism asset, – its nature. Growing rapidly is the number of people who go there for the eco-tourism and adventure holidays where trips into areas like the Amazon are becoming more appealing.
The best time to go coincides with our winter and the peak months there are from December to February. Overall when a visitor goes there, they spend just over 24 days in the country so Brazil is attractting a lot of holiday makers who have the time to travel. And on average they are spending just over $1,600 which shows that, on a daily basis, this is quite a cheap holiday once you’re there. We are talking of only $66 or about £42 per day.
Last year about 167,000 of us left the UK for a Brazilian holiday and we rank 11th on the list of countries. In a years’ time Brazil will be hoping a lot more of us will have been converted by their advertising and we’ll have visited the country especially as there will be more flights there than ever before.

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