The lure of New York

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At the World Travel Market, the USA unveiled a new logo. It is made up of a series of lightly coloured dots or stars that form the initials of the country. It is a soft and slightly woolly image that doesn’t seem to fit. And especially not with New York which bristles with brashness, energy and a disdain for under achievement.
Which is exactly what its tourist board has not been doing. Under-achieving. This year NYC and Company, the name of the tourist board for the city, will probably entice over a million of us just to visit that one city. Overall it will be well on its way to attracting a record number of visitors from all around the world. Given the competition from other cities; given the economic downturn and given that fares to New York have increased quite a bit partly due to APD and partly due to price increases by airlines, this achievement bears no relation to the subdued new USA logo.
So why are we Brits going there?
Two thirds of us visit the city purely for a holiday. A further 15% of us go there to see friends or family according to US Department of Commerce sponsored survey on international air passengers. We stay on average just over five days which when you think of hotel rates in the city and how ong we stay in other cities is high. Maybe because we have travelled all that distance we think to ourselves that we should see and do as much as we can. And we spend when we get there. On average we go through about $1,350 per visit per person. We spend that money on dining out, shopping, sightseeing and visiting historical places in that order.
Over a quarter of all British visitors to the US go to New York. That alone shows how attractive it is to us and how important it is to New Yorkers to persuade us to continue to visit.

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