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After a few years when the number of us going to Spain dropped, 2011 has seen a big return to our favourite destination. Up until the end of September, eleven million of us had been there which is up by not far short of a million over the year before. Together with Greece, these two countries have been the success of 2011. Both traditional destinations for us to visit had bounced back strongly.
Part of the answer is that hoteliers gave cracking prices to the tour operators who passed them on. Secondly, there was a wide availability of flights from virtually any airport in all of our countries. And thirdly it was because Spain in particular did not take us for granted as some would argue they did in 2010. They realised they had to come up with good reasons to persuade us to visit. And they delivered. Despite the high exchange rate of the euro during the summer.
It meant that nearly a quarter of all visitors to Spain were from the UK. First choice was the Balearic Islands followed by the Canaries and then the Spanish mainland. Over a third of all visitors picked a package holiday which is up over 2010. The reason for the rise is probably due to stories about compensation due to disruption caused by volcanic eruptions and strikes. A package holiday would probably be ATOL bonded so they would have been compensation available. Still that still meant that two thirds of us are comfortable putting our own holiday packages together by independently booking accommodation and flights.
Spain was also the top destination for cruise passengers and more than eight million stopped off, most being in the big ports of Barcelona, Malaga and Valencia. Valencia was also the second most popular region for holidaymakers to visit after Andalucia.
But it was Tenerife that might have had the greatest reason to crow. Almost a third of all arrivals to the island were British and younger people are travelling there in greater numbers. At last week’s World Travel Market, Carlos Alonso – the tourism minister- said that visitor numbers had almost reached the heights of six years ago.
So at least there was one minister from Euroland happy about what was happening!
Not that most of you need to be told where to find it but click here for the Spanish tourism website.

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