20 uses for your showercap

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Planning  a mini  break this month? Don’t forget to swipe the complimentary showercap, from the hotel bathroom for there’s more to the  disposable plastic showercap, than meets the eye. Lyn lets us in on 20 great uses

Put it over your glass if you’re sitting outside. It protects your drink from wasps, flies and other midges.

Wrap up your wet toothbrush and face flannel.

If you’re unsure when you’ll have time for your next meal, make a sandwich at breakfast in the hotel, and wrap it in the showercap.

Are you cold? Wear a showercap on each foot, inside your boots or shoes.

If you have to unexpectedly cross a field or walk through mud, place a showercap over each shoe.

When you’re going out on a hot day, soak your flannel in cold water, wring it out, wrap a couple of ice-cubes in the flannel and place it inside a showercap. You can rub it over your face, up your arms, etc.

Showercaps are great for parties and barbecues. Cover your bowl of salad, plate of meat, etc with them.

Peeling beetroot or doing something smelly or messy? Use a showercap over each hand.

Colouring your hair can be a time-waster. While waiting 20 minutes for the colour to work, cover your hair with a showercap, then you can get on with something while you wait, without the colour dripping on anything.

Taking photos in the rain? Cover your camera with a showercap! You can hold it off the lense while taking a photo.

You don’t need to ask for a doggy bag in busy restaurants. Use a showercap.

Cover your kitchen mixer, bread maker, etc with showercaps to keep them clean.

If you have to pack anything in your case that may leak or break, like perfume or bottles, wrap it in a showercap, then place it back in the box, and wrap it in your clothes.

Propagating plants and seeds.

CDs or DVDs without covers.

Knitting and other crafts, in between working on them.

Walking the dog and picking up mess.

A hood to keep your dog dry.

A steering-wheel cover.

Mobile phone cover. You can still talk in the rain.


Do you have any other uses for the humble showercap?  If so, we’d love to hear them!


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