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Many of you will have used, or come across, things like London Pass. You buy one voucher and it entitles you to entry at thirty or so museums, galleries and attractions. But will you ever see them all?
The problem is that you are never likely to have the time in order to visit all these places so that you can take advantage of the price that you have paid. You almost need to sit down, go onto each and every website, work out how much each would cost you and then compare the prices to the value of the pass to see whether it is worth it.
In the US there is a company called CityPass which only sells you tickets to the top five or six destinations in each city that they operate. The reason is they know you won’t be able to visit them all but recognise that you will want to see what the majority of visitors want to see. And they give you a nine day period to see what they have so you stand a better chance of getting value for money. But in some places, for the same price, they give you an alternative. If you have been to New York and gone up the Empire State Building, you probably won’t do it on your next trip as well so you can do something else.
At present, City Pass covers Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Hollywood, Houston, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, Southern California (San Diego) and one city in Canada, Toronto. The advantage to us is that they are all linked to the UK by direct flights (for Hollywood read Los Angeles but you knew that didn’t you?) Their tickets also don’t include places that are have free entry either, (which is why Washington DC isn’t included in the series in that most attractions and museums there – like the Smithsonian -are free) a technique used by some to pad out the size of their voucher books making them look better value than they really are.
So if you are off to the US at any stage, consider buying a CityPass

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