Brits pessimistic about 2012 travel

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The 2011 BVA-Gallup International survey showed the French to be the most pessimistic people on earth. However when it comes to travel, it turns out that it’s the Brits who are the sourpusses of the planet.

According to PhoCusWright’s European Consumer Travel Report Second Edition, more than twice as many French and German travellers plan to spend more on trips than the numbers planning to spend less. However in the UK, just 23 percent plan to spend more, while 25 percent plan to spend less or are unsure.

Likewise, while 32 percent of German travellers and 30 percent of French travellers intend to increase their travelling distance in the upcoming year, only 23 percent of UK travellers plan to travel further and another 21 percent plan to decrease their travel.

CD-Traveller says: seize the day! Don’t be deterred from travelling. Yes we know times are tough but if our French and German counterparts aren’t tightening their travel belts, why should we? Surely – in light of the economic doom and gloom and lack of a barbecue summer – we are more deserving of a break than ever?

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