Flying on Qantas?

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UPDATE: 30 Oct. Qantas has been ordered to re-start flights asap. At the same time, both the company and the unions have been ordered to neogtiate or face binding arbitration.
The dispute between Qantas and three of its unions has resulted in the complete closure of the airline. Qantas has stopped all flights and will lock out workers from Monday. So anyone planning on flying over the next few days should consult their travel agency or the airline to see what their options might be.
For example what happens if you are on a flight connection already? What happens if you are at one of the refueling stops like Bangkok or Singapore? The airline says that accommodation will be found but how will you continue the flight? Will its oneworld alliance partners like American Airlines, BA, Cathay and Finnair help?

Those cancelling flights will get full refunds but this doesn’t help if you have to pay a higher price on another airline or if you can’t get a seat at all going out when you want.

The shutdown is indefinite so many will bet that that if there is no resolution in the next few days the problem could drag out. Certainly the Australian federal and state governments plus Tourism Australia are concerned and you can bet that there are behind the scenes activities.

For the passenger though, the Qantas website has some advice but the advice lines are busy.

UPDATE: Although Qantas is not bound by EU rules on paying for accommodation (but seems to be doing so in the cases we have heard about) etc it is rebooking passengers on other airlines at its expense and trying to rebook them on the same days that those passengers were due to fly. It has to be said that although November is the easiest month to get seats on planes, it may not be always successful.

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