Ryanair gets rid of loos

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The low budget airline that everyone loves to loathe is to get rid of a number of loos in each and every one of their aircrafts. Going forward, Ryanair planes will have only one loo on board, in a bid to make room for six extra seats.

While Michael O Leary’s latest money making move (it follows the introduction of its own prepaid card) does irritate, I can’t help but admire the man’s business acumen.

Sure I might now have to forgo my obligatory cup of coffee before boarding, but O’Leary knows that while his airline can continue to fly me abroad for less than it costs to take the train to Aberdeen and other parts of the UK, he’s got my custom.

What do you think of Ryanair getting rid of its loos? Would the added discomfort deter you from flying with Ryanair or is it a sacrifice you’re prepared to make?

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