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Come back on week days?

For some time the DailyTelegraph has been publishing the wonderful, strange signs that people see when the travel. In a similar vein, I have three signs which caught my eye on my recent trip to Richmond, Virginia in the US.
The first is typical of ones that can annoy tourists. Richmond has its own tourist office but it also is the state capital. And the state tourist office is open on the south side of the area where the capital is based, an impressive white building. The tourist office isn’t quite so inspiring but as long as it delivers information, who cares. Except that it doesn’t. Deliver information, I mean. It is only open on Monday to Friday as the photograph shows. Maybe Virginia doesn’t believe that visitors come at the weekend. Maybe it hasn’t enough money to fund the office being open on Saturdays or Sundays. Maybe they don’t have volunteers who can assist. Whatever it is, I and a few others staring at the door were surprised that there was no advice to be had.
My other sign was one outside a church; a striking church in red unlike many we have here. Located on a corner of two streets, the location was what was responsible for the sign that amused me. For outside (and forgive the size of the photograph but you should be just about able to see the sign) was a road sign saying “Do not enter.” And the sign, seen from across the road, was exactly outside the main door into the church!
My final one was in an antique shop on Broad Street. Next to an antique clock,sitting on an old bureau and surrounded by ceramics and pictures stood the sign “Watch Batteries.” How incongruous and that’s what amused me.


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