Tanzania’s 50th Anniversary

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On December 9th, Tanzania will celebrate 50 years since it achieved independence so expect travel agents to highlight promotions to the main tourist destinations via its main airport. Kilimanjaro, the Serengetti National Park, the crater at Ngorongoro and, increasingly, the island of Zanzibar are the attractions.
Last year over three quarters of a million visitors went to Tanzania. This year it is up again which should make it at least the third year in a row. Surprisingly, it is not we who are the main visitors to the country. You would have thought, given our connections prior to independence that it might have been but no, it is Americans who are their most important market. Not surprisingly, the tourist board has been concentrating on promoting itself in the US and their tourism minister has just been there. She will arrive in the UK in early November to continue the campaign. Interestingly the minister has a combined portfolio of natural resources and tourism, two arenas that should go hand-in-hand more often as it is the natural resources and landscape of a country that attracts and none more so in Tanzania. And with beaches as well, Tanzania isa destination ideal for twin centre holidays.

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