Why do one way tickets cost the same, if not, more than return tickets?

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As regular readers of CD-Traveller will know, I recently returned from a stint in China. As I am not going back to Beijing, I only needed a one way flight rather than a return, but was  put off purchasing a single ticket when I discovered that it cost almost as much as a round trip.

My travel agent dissuaded me by arguing that in buying a return ticket and then purposely missing the second leg, I would be “breaching the contract”. Another friend (and frequent flyer) said that if I didn’t show for the second part of the journey, I could end up be blacklisted by the airline with regards to future flights.

It wasn’t a risk I was willing to take and so I abided by their words. Nonetheless I remain puzzled as to why I paid more for flying less, and can’t help thinking that the phrase ‘off’ and ‘rip’ could easily be rearranged…

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