Plugging–in at American hotels

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Fridge wall socket connection

Provided you have remembered to bring or buy an adaptor, many people bring laptops, cameras and even their own hair driers all of which need charging. But in some US hotels it can look fairly lethal just inspecting the electrics in some hotels and motels. And I’m not just talking about older or budget hotels either.
A common occurrence is that when you plug your adaptor in, there is a blue spark. It doesn’t seem to matter but it can be off-putting the first time. But in one hotel I stayed in on a recent visit I was surprised to see the plugs for a standard lamp, a fridge and a microwave all falling out of their sockets. They still worked but you only ad to touch them slightly and they fell out. Only a few of the sockets seem to grip the plugs tightly.
You might argue that the weight of the adaptor would pull the plug away from the socket. Rubbish. It wouldn’t if the socket is tight-fitting which it is most US hotels.
Is this right? Should they electrics seem so clumsy? Why don’t inspections pick up these flaws? Have I just stayed at all the wrong hotels?
Be aware of this then and, if you have the slightest doubt about their safety, don’t be concerned about not checking with housekeeping or maintenance that all is OK


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