Cameron launches new campaign to boost UK tourist arrivals

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So David “just call me Dave” Cameron has taken time out of issuing warnings about the very real fear of a double dip recession, to launch a new tourism campaign. Created by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, the drive is called ‘GREAT’ Britain and is aimed at maximising the economic potential of the London Olympic Games whilst simultaneously using it to promote Britain abroad as place to visit and do business.

“In 2012, there will be only place to be. With the Olympic and Paralympic Games coming to London next summer, the greatest show on earth is about to arrive in one of the world’s greatest cities,” crows Cameron.

Beware of the self grand-iosing says CD-Traveller. Not only is calling Great Britain, ‘great’ somewhat clichéd, but the using the word ‘great’ only succeeds in negating Britain’s greatness. For everyone knows that places and people who are outstanding, don’t need to announce it to the world via a £500,000 campaign.

Campaign materials include images that can be used by VisitBritain, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the UK Trade & Investment, Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) and other government departments for media, PR and online purposes. But the choice of posters poses questions…. One of the new posters features ‘merry’ teenagers at the Reading Festival, one depicts a football match between Manchester United, owned, lest we forget, by the UAE’s Sheikh Manbsour, and Egyptian Mohamed Al Fayed’s Fulham football club, while another is of Wallace and Gromit. Are these really the images of Great Britain, that we want to project to the world?

Don’t get me wrong. I am not bashing Britain for, despite all the trouble of the last few months, Britain is undoubtedly a great country. So much so, that I have left booming Beijing to return home to the motherland in the run up to the 2012 Olympic Games. But one of our greatest traits has always been our modesty – something that is sadly lacking in this confused and costly campaign.

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