Escaping the curse of modern technology

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Remember Ryan Bingham in Jason Reitman‘s dramedy Up in the Air? Bingham – played by George Clooney (or Swooney as his legion of fans are want to call him) – is a man who lives to travel, so much so that he clock up ten million frequent flyer miles, a number only reached by six other people.

Like Bingham, I love flying but not because of the promise of frequent flyer miles. Rather I am addicted to flying because once airborne, I no longer have to listen to the explosion of bleeps and buzzes, coming through on my Blackberry.

Modern technology is the bane of modern life. Thanks to the arrival of Blackberry smart phones, iPhones and other go-anywhere, always-on  gadgets, there’s no escaping the dreaded ping – apart from, that is, on planes. Once up in the air, I no longer have to know what Marie Claire’s must have of the month is, or what Cameron and his coalition can’t see eye to eye on.

For me, aeroplanes equal peace and quiet (unless you happen to be seated next to a snorer or seasoned traveller – see our feature on the world’s worst flying companions: and a temporary escape from my inbox. And its why, even if the Chancellor does raise the APD this autumn ( see, I’ll always choose a plane , over a train.

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