The Historic Battlefields of Scotland

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Last March, Historic Scotland created an inventory of what it considers to be the most important battlefield sites in the country. Seventeen were added then. Now the second tranche is being considered.
You might be tempted to say, so what? We know about the battles, why have an inventory? Isn’t this an academic thing so it’s not going to affect me?
The answer is that battlefields draw tourists, which brings money to the community. The second is that planners will have to undergo more strenuous examination. Planning permission may still be required but you will have your objections and comments listened to more if the site is on the inventory. And the work done on a particular site will tell us more about for future destinations.
So which are the new ones, eleven in all, that are being considered?
The battlefields of Barra and Fyvie in Aberdeenshire are included as are Linlithgow Bridge in West Lothian; Inverkeithing in Fife, Carbisdale, Cromdale, Inverlochy and Mulroy; In Midlothian, Rullion Green; Drumclog in South Lanarkshire and finally Stirling Bridge. If you want to comment on any of these you have until the end of September to do so. Go to the website and you can leave your thoughts. Incidentally, you will also find here the seventeen that were added in March, battlefields like Culloden, Prestonpans and Bannockburn.
Each household in the surrounding area of any of these sites should, by now, have received a leaflet telling them what is happening and, again, asking for their comments.
Each of these battlefields can be fairly precisely located. It is the ones that can’t be that won’t be included in the inventory. It is to be hoped that some of these can be more accurately pinpointed over the coming years so that they can be added to the inventory as well.

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