More Daft Signs

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Beloved by newspaper columns and travel guide books are those signs you see on holiday that make you wonder how anyone can conceive them in the first place.

On a train carriage wall, I have seen a sign that shows a person dropping litter in a bin. These trains have no litter bins so that is impossible. Next to the picture, it then asks you to take your litter with you. That’s a little confusing, but not as much as another sign that has caught my eye.

To get from one train carriage to another, there is a connecting door. One sign says not to go through the doors and the other, immediately below it, reminds people to close the door after them! I understand English, but heaven help those that don’t. Or it could it be that those that don’t understand English, won’t be perplexed by the strange attitudes of the creators of these signs.

It’s easier to understand the mistakes made on signs when the language of the country, is other than English. People have made an effort to translate them into English to help visitors. It is less easy when the language of the country is English or variants of it like Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA. My two signs were in Australia so there is little excuse.

Did you spot any on your holiday this summer? Let us know. And if you’ve a photo, even better.

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