Hotel Service at Fawlty Towers

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Even if you have ever seen the TV series penned by Connie Booth and John Cleese, you have probably come across it. It is the series about a hotel at which you would never want to be a guest. Except that one hotel, Hadley Park in Shropshire, believes you would want to stay.
The hotel is holding a Fawlty Towers weekend, the weekend after next. This isn’t a one-off. They have held them before and they plan to hold them again. But why would people want to stay at a hotel where the service is deplorable, the treatment by the owners bends from outright rudeness to cloying ingratiation, and staff avoid you like the plague?

At the Hadley, you will be welcomed by actors behaving as the main characters lead but fortunately the theme only lasts for the evening meals and the entertainment around it. If you stay overnight, then the horror ends there. Normal hotel service is resumed and the night before – if it happened in real life – could be consigned to the horrors of oblivion.

At present, Jon Cleese is in Australia doing the rounds of the morning TV stations and the chat shows before his show arrives there in early 2012. Always asked about the TV series before anything else, he replies that the hotel would function perfectly if it wasn’t for the guests! That these questions are asked at the beginning of the interview, shows that the series is fondly remembered (unless it’s that journalists can’t think of original questions.) That people want to stay at the Hadley Park and put up with that sort of service is a surprise because time and time again, tourists say that bad service is say a huge issue. Obviously, the chance to act in a mock TV series, overcomes any natural inclinations to want to move out five seconds after checking in!

It does make me wonder though: how many hotels are running Fawlty Towers themed dinners or stays? Would going to one appeal to you?

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