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The next football world cup is in Brazil in 2014. This winter Brazil will begin a three year campaign to encourage us to visit their country. Using the world cup as bait, they hope to build on the 167,000 of us that visited their country last year.
In November they plan to decorate about 200 London taxis as well as placing a giant advertisement on London’s IMAX. It’s not just about advertising though. Next year in Somerset House (in London’s Strand) there will be a three month exhibition. That of course will coincide with the Olympics so the exhibition will profile the attractions of Brazil whilst reminding people that that the 2016 Olympics will be held in Brazil – in Rio de Janeiro. The results of these efforts, if successful, is that they hope about another 33,000 people will be visiting the country by 2014.
Obviously if you travel to Brazil, it won’t be for a short break. It takes about twelve hours to fly there so you are unlikely to go for even just a week. Emrbratur, the Brazilian tourist board, is hoping you’ll stretch it to a fortnight at least. Most people will start with either a city stay in Rio de Janeiro or an eco-friendly holiday by heading to the Amazon. In the advertising that will be launched, different parts of the country will be highlighted. Probably most visitors will just stay in Rio as it offers a big city culture with spectacular beaches like Copacabana and Ipanema that are known the world over. Outside Rio is also one of the most widely known statues in the world, that of Christ the Redeemer which towers over the landscape from its base on the summit of Corcovado. Next year, the statue celebrates its 90th birthday so that will surely be strongly featured in the promotion.
At the moment TAM (the largest airline in Latin America) and British Airways offer a direct service but Iberia, (via Madrid) Air France, (via Paris) TAP, (via Lisbon) and KLM (via Amsterdam) offer other possibilities. Usually this adds at least another couple of hours onto your journey in each direction. Come 2014 though, there will probably be charter links for the football and later, the Olympics.

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