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Heathrow Terminal 3

The Productivity Commission in Australia has lived up to its name by producing a 400 page book on its airports. One chapter looks at the price of airport parking. Guess which airport is the most expensive that they compared against? Yes, Heathrow. We’re more expensive than Frankfurt and Paris, Charles de Gaulle. JFK in New York is half the price and Hong Kong, a fifth of the price
This is just comparing parking in the short stay car parks for a day and, whilst Sydney was twice as expensive on an hourly basis compared to Heathrow, Heathrow was 50% more expensive than either Sydney or Melbourne if you parked there for 24 hours. Why you would want to park in a short term car park for that length of time is beyond me unless you’ve money to burn. You’d go to the long term car park and save some cash. A long term car park will be half the price you have to pay. And if you are staying a day, wouldn’t you plan in advance and take the discounts offered?
As airport parking became more expensive, people found alternatives. Now there are fields that are given over to parking, disused industrial sites up dodgy alleys and all sorts of places. The more expensive parking gets the more people will try and find ways around it. And that Includes parking in residential streets. Around Heathrow, you may not be aware that you can catch some red, regular service buses free if you’re within what is described as Heathrow. So, some of the knowledgeable have irritated locals by using their streets in which to park.
Parking is seen as a way to raise more money. There was the argument that high parking prices would promote the use of public transport. But if you haven’t got public transport from where you live, you’ve little option other than a taxi. And has it resulted in any fewer cars being parked at airports? No, the airports just build bigger parking areas. And we keep paying.

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