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Monty Hall and friend

Whilst we have had a pile of bad news about the UK in the last week, Ireland has been pushing their country as hard as they can to persuade us to go there. Almost daily press releases arrive showing that Ireland is featuring in more TV programmes. It all illustrates the benefits, the appeal and the ease with which you can spend holidays or shortbreaks there.
After Benidorm made ITV’s Daybreak the week before (see Irena’s blog for a behind the scenes view), Ireland made it on Daybreak last week. Sights of Dublin such as Croke Park and the new National Leprechaun Museum were amongst many views that Tourism Ireland managed to get into those homes watching the show.
On top of that they managed to bolster that coverage with a six part series that began on BBC last Thursday called “Monty Halls’ Great Irish Escape.” This concentrates on the west of Ireland and is primarily a nature programme. But highlighting the scenery and what’s there means it will also have travel appeal as well. And everyone knows the BBC do great nature series so it will get good viewing figures as well.
What it shows is that the Irish are not going to let up. Golfing holidays, nature ones, citybreaks they have all had the big Irish push of publicity behind them. The Ryder Cup might have been in Wales this last September but Ireland pushed the fact that three (Northern) Irishmen had all won big profile golf events. Then came the news that they were hosting the Solheim Cup came though and the golfing push from Wales seems to have been forgotten.
The push is not limited to the UK. They have a thirty minute show all Ireland appearing in Swedish TV in the autumn (maybe an antidote to all the Swedish TV detective novels, films and TV we’ve been getting!) The words Ireland, tourism and relentless all seem to hang together these days.
You can find out more at the Discover Ireland website

Image courtesy of Tourism Ireland

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