Viva Flamenco!

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Over the last few months, CD Traveller has given you the low down on what to do in Costa Dorada, Costa del Sol, Costa Brava and Benidorm. But if you’re one of the 17 million Brits sacrificing their summer holiday this year (see, fret not. There is a way that you can enjoy a slice of Spain and unlike, an actual break in Spain which invariably involves lots of sangria, stay in shape…

The answer? By following in the footsteps of the CD Traveller team and signing up for a flamenco class! This centuries-old Spanish song and dance form – popularised by sexy Spaniard Joaquin Cortes, aka the king of flamenco, who once famously dated Naomi Campbell – encompasses expressive arm movements, rhythmic stomping, clapping and, occasionally, castanets.

In CD Traveller’s first lesson, we were shown the basic footwork – a series of steps that rely on the tapping and stamping of the feet – which we got to practice over and over again, each time increasing the speed. Unless you have two left feet, the footwork is surprisingly straightforward but it’s when we tried to add in the arms (lots of big sweeping circles) that it got tricky. Make no mistake: the fiery flamenco arm movements looked and felt fabulous (we thought!), but co-coordinating them with our foot work and facial expressions required a helluva lot of concentration. We had to forget thinking about what we fancied for dinner: there simply wasn’t enough space in our heads, for more than the moves we were learning.

However while the technique and tempo was challenging to master, we found this sensual Spanish dance a great way to increase stamina, improve posture and stay in shape – with a huge smile on our faces.


What CD Traveller learned
Flamenco dancing has no barriers. It doesn’t matter what age, shape and size you are – and it doesn’t require a partner.

For Flamenco dancing venues in the UK, visit:

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