Has Ryanair Run Out of Ideas?

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A couple of days ago, Ryanair announced their profit for the first three months of the year. The bit of their announcement that I thought was interesting was the fact that they thought that their fares would rise by 12%. Am I being perverse in sensing that this may be good news?
If the airline is forecasting an increase in fare prices, might not this mean that they have run out of ideas to gouge money out of us under other guises? They say that the increase will be down to higher competitor fares – which I take to mean that they will increase fares if their rivals do and that they expect they will do so – fuel surcharges and a better mix of routes, bases and winter capacity cuts, ie cutting out routes where they can’t make enough money.
Nowhere does it say they will increase the volcanic ash tax or the wheelchair levy. Nowhere does it say they have other things up their sleeves like the ridiculous idea of toilet taxes or body weight ones.
Remember when they asked the public to suggest new revenue ideas, shortlisted some and then promptly dumped the ideas when it was pointed out to them that they couldn’t be imposed? I thought then that the management might be bereft of sensible ideas and just wanted a PR excuse.
I would rather see a fare that didn’t have copious add-ons so I could properly compare the prices with other airlines than have to waste my time seeing whether their price was a good one. Now maybe it will be but I wouldn’t bet on it!
One other thing. In their 19 page presentation of their results they say they are number one for customer service. This seems to be because they have the most on-time flights, the fewest lost bags (we can’t afford to put bags in their holds!) and fewest passenger cancellations. I suggested earlier that they might be bereft of ideas. They also don’t understand the meaning of “customer service” either.

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