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After some years where we have stayed away from the United States and Florida in particular, the position has changed this year. Visitor figures from us to them has gone up by 29% compared to last year. And that is a bit unexpected.
We have been told that air passenger duty (APD) would deter people from travelling. Air fares are high during the summer much higher than they have been for some time and America also charges a visa fee. In spite of all of this we seem not to care. This year has become the year of the US making a mockery of predictions and the tax structure. Maybe people feel more comfortable in commiting the cash involved for you’ll get little change out of £1500 this year for a family of 4 to fly to Florida this summe for example.
Last year, 3.85 million of us went to the US which was down very slightly over the previous year. Nonetheless we still provided 6.4% of all visitors to the country so we remain an important market. But this figure was in 2009 was down by 15% and well below the 4.85 million who went there in 2000
We spent over $11 billion in 2010 in the US but this is way below the $16.8 billion we spent three years ago. Obviously we have cut back on the length of time we stayed there and the amount that we were spending.
From everywhere in the world visitor numbers to the US for the first four months of the year were up by 5% so you can see how significant our 29% increase is. And if Florida, California or New York is your destination next month and you haven’t booked yet you’ll find it an expensive trip. And as it stands prices in September haven’t dropped as far as they seem to have done in previous years either.

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