Real (French) Men Eat Quiche

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The number of people who move to France and embrace the French way of life, the countryside or cities as well the people can be counted in hundreds of thousands. As we draw towards the end of France Week, here is news of just one. Kate Rodde writes a blog on her website which covers eco-friendly holidays in France.
She sees life in France though a visitors eyes but the blog is more than just a commentary. It combines food, wine and travel as well. Take the story she wrote last Easter about quiche lorraine and a visit to Metz for the weekend. Her weekend is described better than a journalist would do becuase she only writes about interests her. She has no editor or company to pander to, no advertisers to please. Whether real French men eat quiche she never explains but the recipe she gives is very different from those horrible, chilled food lumps you get in supermarket cabinets.
She sums up France as “…a fascinating, varied country and all of us can find something to please. There are beautiful, wild places to experience, fantastic beaches, azure blue sea or wild ocean rollers, culture by the bucketful, historic towns and cities, some of the best cuisine and finest wines, the list just goes on and on…”If you are interested is France and fancy a regular diet of the travels and thoughts of a resident then you could do a lot worse than subscribe to her (free) e-mails.

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