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What is the role of the newspaper? To present news would be the obvious answer. Which I suppose means news which is as up-to-date as it can be. So hats off to the Sunday Express which this morning manages to use, as its only story on its front page, a story that is over a year old as pointed out by Simon Calder of The Independent on BBC Breakfast this morning. It is also five days late in reporting the launch of the “Hands of our Holiday” campaign. On top of that there was a link on its website to what you thought was the Hands campaign. Was it? No, it led to an ad for Emirates instead!
As regular readers are aware, APD –Air Passenger Duty- has been increased at a staggeringly high rate over the last few years with more to come. Without repeating our stories over the last month about the tax (try putting APD into the search box on our home page to see all the background) suffice to say that newspapers – not just the Sunday Express- have been slow to point out two good news stores this week.
Gill, a company that sold cruise holidays, went into liquidation which isn’t good news on the face of it and especially for their staff. The good news has been the response of the cruise companies. They have guaranteed everyone’s holidays. If you are on a cruise at the moment booked via Gill or have one planned and paid for or part paid for, your holiday will go ahead with minimal disruption. All those who haven’t fully paid will do is now pay the cruise company directly. All cruise companies affected will be contacting passengers over the next few days.
The other was spotted by the indefatigable Calder who has pointed out that there are some terrific last minute bargains around. He is wondering whether this might be one of the best years ever for last minute holidays at prices not normally seen during school holiday time. He highlighted a £250 holiday for seven days in Crete which includes APD and accommodation. And they are in some of the popular destinations as well like the Algarve.
The Sunday Express didn’t spot that story or the Gill one so I suppose it is still too early for their type of “news.”

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